Monday, 27 June 2011

Renegade Geese!

Notes from the farm...
Rain, rain, rain!
We were doing a happy rain dance when the rain began to fall last week – our seedlings really needed it as things were very dry around here. The peas are thriving and finally have flowers on them. But then the rain kept coming and coming, and on Saturday morning we awoke to a flood in the fields! Half of one of our moveable chickens coops had turned into a lake over night. Because our chickens are young yet, they are still fairly sensitive to cold or wet conditions and we unfortunately lost a chicken in the night. I brought 2 more chickens that looked especially cold into the barn and put them under a heat lamp to recover (and they did!). I was worried about the beans I just planted with all the wet weather, but I saw today that they are up and doing well!

Renegade Geese:
Our cute little geese became much less loveable last week when they got into the greenhouse and ate a significant portion of our lettuce and radish crops. Some of it will re-grow, some will not. I was so proud of my beautiful, big heads of leaf lettuce (pictured at right) and it was devastating to see them hacked apart!

Market Stall:
We’re now at the Farmers’ Market! I have a booth on the “other side” of the deck selling duck eggs. Stop by and say hello!

Veggie Boxes:
We’ve begun selling our veggie boxes in VERY limited numbers! Our boxes are sold out right now, but if you are interested, let me know and I can send out an email when we get more veggies to fill more boxes later in the year! Lettuce, radishes, rhubarb, mint and green onions have been the mainstays of our early summer boxes. We hope that peas and garlic scapes will be ready soon! Our first carrots and beets have come up, and our tomatoes have flowers on them – it’s always heartening to see the promise of vegetables to come!

Allison Muckle
Rowantree Farms

Monday, 13 June 2011

At the Farmers' Market

Notes from the farm...
Lots going on...we managed to plant a good number of winter squash and zucchini, as well as some beets, carrots, beans and more salad crops.  Aaron’s parents came up last weekend and we got all of the fence wire nailed up – now we just have a bit more work to do (and a gate to make)! The cold weather this past week has delayed moving our meat chickens outside, but they will be going out for good this afternoon because it looks like the weather is picking up. The turkeys will go out a little later as they are a bit more delicate.

As I type this, we have some baby chicks hatching in the incubator downstairs – our first home-bred chickens: Silver Laced Wyandottes. We also have a wonderful hen who went “broody” and consented to sit on some eggs for us – Ameraucana chicken eggs, which are blue egg-layers – if all goes well, she will hatch these chicks in just under a month.

Farmers’ Market – come see us this weekend:
We’ll be at the Farmers’ Market this Saturday June 18th to sell our duck eggs! Come and look for us on the “other side” of the market. The Market is offering free stalls to local growers on the East Deck, which I am taking advantage of, even though no one else is! Come stop by and say hello!

Meat Chickens and Turkeys:
I’ve almost pre-sold all of our chickens and turkeys, but there are still some left. Eat Local Sudbury has agreed to put the word out in their e-flyer this week. So, if you want meat chickens or turkeys and still haven’t placed your order, you should do it this week because I think they will soon be sold out! It’s easy to do: just fill out our on-line order form.

New sales venue for duck eggs:
Our duck eggs are now available for sale at Paris Natural Foods, and should be at Tarini’s Meat and Fish next week. That makes for quite a list: Paris Natural Foods, Tarini’s Meat and Fish, Durham Natural Foods, Eat Local Sudbury Co-op, and Fromagerie Elgin – and through our booth at Market Square!

Allison Muckle
Rowantree Farms