Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Notes from the farm...
Hot, Hot, Hot!
Farmers never seem to be happy with the weather, but from what I’ve heard a lot of non-farmers were getting sick of the heat as well! We were a little worried about the chickens and turkeys in the heat, but they seem to be faring well. Once again I am glad to be raising the “heavy red” birds rather than the commercial “white rock” breed – I’ve heard of others that have been losing their meat chickens in the heat wave. My heavy reds are bred for free-range systems and are more tolerant to heat, cold, etc.

Our turkeys have been having the hardest time in the heat – I discovered, though, that they enjoy getting a “cold shower” with the hose, so I have been cooling them off that way. The ducks are doing great and don’t seem to mind the heat at all!

Our vegetables have been affected by the heat/drought as well: our early peas haven’t been doing as well as expected at all, but the next crop looks good so far, and the carrots are way behind where I expected them to be. The tomatoes and squash, however, are loving the heat and are growing well! Our cucumbers are late, but the plants look bigger and healthier than any other cukes I’ve grown in the past so I expect a good yield.  

OSEB Program is Done!
Rowantree Farms marked a business milestone last week – I graduated from the Ontario Self-Employment Benefits (OSEB) Program. This provincial program helped me start my business with 6 weeks of intensive business training last October-December, plus access to regular business classes and mentorship as well as financial support while the business was in its “launch phase”. I can’t say enough good things about this program or the organization that delivered it: Sudbury Learning Initiative. Without this support I would not have been able to launch my farm business in the same way.

Allison Muckle
Rowantree Farms

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